LeadingHealthyCommunitites.com (LHC)
LeadingHealthyCommunitites.com (LHC) is an online community hub committed to improving the health of communities through best practice case studies and a community leaders’ action guide. These online resources provide visitors with step-by-step instructions for mobilizing and implementing community health improvement initiatives.

"LHC offers us and others an easy way to quickly learn what other communities are doing to address cost and access issues and how they are doing it.”

E. Neil Trautwein, V.P., Employee Benefits Policy Counsel, National Retail Federation

A Unique Website
LHC provides –at no cost—a platform for local leaders to showcase their successes, to obtain resources, and to learn from those who have trodden similar paths before. The highly searchable, user-friendly data base includes case studies which focus on diverse health-related topics, geographic regions, and various revenue streams.

LHC provides
  • Resources and tools to organize and launch community health improvement efforts
  • Better and best practice case studies to improve community health
  • Community assessment and survey tools
  • Easily searchable data base on topics ranging from oral and mental health to youth, prenatal care and pharmaceutical assistance.
  • Content useful for both adult and youth audiences

Market Position
LHC is the only domestic website which combines a diverse cross-section of health related community efforts catalogued for easy access, as well as tools to help leaders implement similar programs in their communities. LHC currently stands as the only centralized repository for this information.

"Improving and protecting the health of the community is what public health is all about. This site is a welcome addition that will help practitioners and stakeholders identify existing programs and link communities to real-life solutions.”

Georges C. Benjamin, MD, FACP, FACEP (E), Executive Director, American Public Health

Strategic Partnerships
At no cost to our partners we are looking for like-minded organizations to help us make Leadinghealthycommunities.com a one stop resource for community health improvement. Every organization has things they or their members are doing that they are proud of. Often these stories can be replicated and result in measurable health improvement.

Strategic Partners have the opportunity to:
  • Share with LHC visitors who and what you are about
  • Provide case studies/stories or have us write up your stories to be added to our library
  • Link your web site to ours and vice-versa
  • Promote your current or planned activities
  • Let us interview you and your members, showcasing your good works
  • Build on each other’s successes by teaching others through this library resource

“Improving the health of communities is a goal we should all be working towards — reaching this end requires strong collaboration in order to achieve success.”

Susan Finn, PhD, RD, LD, FADA CEO, American Council for Fitness and Nutrition

Access to Leadinghealthycommunities.com (LHC) is free to the public.

Contact Information

“Being able to share ideas across communities as well as across political and professional lines will lead to better thought out solutions for the complex issues facing America’s health delivery system.”

John C. Nelson, MD, Past President American Medical Association (AMA)

Post Office Box 1682
Austin, Texas 78767
Phone: 512.472.2005
Jon Comola, CEO WRGH
JRComola at wrgh.org

Advisory Panel
In March of 2007 Leadinghealthycommunities.com created an Advisory Board to oversee the development and execution of our community health improvement initiative. The board is comprised of varied professionals from across the country. Each member has a unique perspective and brings different skills to this endeavor. Our distinguished board is listed below.

Since their first meeting in April 2007, the members have guided the content, look, and feel of the web site. They have helped shape the action kit and the categorization of our library of case studies. They have offered insight as to what community leaders are looking for and how best to communicate that information effectively.

The panel advised on the creation of a web-based platform for promoting “knowledge transfer” among communities. The web site spotlights the power of grassroots community-led initiatives, especially those efforts involving multiple stakeholders collaborating to address health and healthcare challenges. To achieve these goals, WRGH has partnered with Premier healthcare alliance.

The library and web site are comprised of:
  • A resource toolkit with process maps, check-lists, and templates;
  • A library of topically focused case studies of successful and replicable community-led improvements, which will be continuously updated and expanded; and
  • Links to financial and content resources and professional/technical expertise to help support local efforts.

    Advisory Panel members:
  • Dave Kendall, Senior Advisor, Progressive Policy Institute/Democratic Leadership Council
  • Joyal Mulheron, Health Advisor, National Governor’s Association
  • Scott Santibanez, Director for the Centers for Disease Control/CCHIS/NCHM
  • Greg Archer, Premier, Inc
  • Agnes Hinton, Professor, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Ginny Starnes, Premier, Inc
  • Kathy Hoffman, library director of the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston (proposed)

Additional Information
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